It is thorough overall workout and Carol is a real motivator. Doris L.

 Carol inspires you to do your best & helps you meet the goals you set for yourself! She is very easy & comfortable to work with - If you are looking to hire a trainer - She is absolutely worth every penny & I highly recommend her! Natalie H.

I found Carol to be very professional, planned a workout that applied to my age and need.I would highly recommend Carol. Bob V.

 Carol is always positive and encouraging. Every work out is different and fun. She is teaching me that by combining exercises and weights that I can get a full body work out in 30 mins. She pushes me without being pushy. She has nutritional suggestions also. She gives me more than I give her! Lee Anne S.

 Carol was the first personal trainer I ever had. It's been the most positive experience. I mostly wanted the accountability. She's taught me so much about strength training, eating healthier and making healthy lifestyle changes.  I've lost over 30 lbs. since working with her. And I've made a wonderful friend in the process.  Linda M.

Carol is an excellent trainer!!! She makes working out fun with awesome results... I am stronger, more flexible and have better balance. She will help make you be your "best self". Donna T.

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 Carol is very professional and always makes our Silver Shoes and Yoga class so much fun. I have taken classes elsewhere and she is by far the best! Having fun makes it so much easier to exercise and she definitely does that. She is certainly an asset to fitness delivered. Sandy M. 

 I joined a gym for the first time ever in January of 2016. The best decision I made after joining the gym was to hire a personal trainer. Fortunately, I was paired with Carol. She’s the best. While working with her, I lost 50 pounds. And almost two years later, I haven’t gained it back. I still have people at the gym ask me if getting a trainer was helpful. My answer is always ABSOLUTELY! And Carol is fantastic. She kept me accountable and taught me how to use all the equipment. And since I was a beginner, she helped me meet my goals and showed me things I just could not have known which would keep me from over doing and possible injury. And not only does she teach appropriate physical fitness, she includes the balance of nutrition to maximize your health goals. If I had not had her, I would have walked the treadmill, lost a few pounds, gotten bored and just continued to be discouraged. She gave me confidence to go into the gym and not be intimidated by the equipment. She’s changed my life. And the best part is, she’s become a wonderful friend. Couldn’t recommend her any higher. SHE’S THE BEST!!!  Laura M. 

 Best uplifting spirited trainer I ever met. Carol has a gentleness, awesome attitude, real instructive, I learned more from Carol in 1 month about good healthy habits and how to work out properly to get the most out of exercising daily, than any one I ever knew, I lost 3 pants sizes in 2 months, by toning, eating, walking, and working out with Carol twice a week. Thank you Carol for everything. Linda M

 Working with Carol has been an amazing experience! During the 6 months I have been working with her I have lost 40+ pounds and gained some good healthy changes in my life. Carol has been great with understanding my struggle between working full time and being a mom to two young kids- she’s given me ideas on workouts to do at home when I can catch a few minutes to myself, but can’t get to the gym. She’s been super helpful in helping me use different tools (apps/fitness band) to help keep me on track. I highly recommend Carol if you are looking to make some healthy changes in your life!  Sarah O.